Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, otherwise known as DEI, is a term that advocates for all humans to be treated fairly regardless of their differences. In building a community, DEI plays a huge role in how your community is perceived.

Diversity just doesn't span across the race and identities of your community members, it also includes their beliefs and thoughts. Equity comes into play in having a fair and impartial approach towards treating community members and Inclusion is creating that sense of belonging within your community, where members feel comfortable in contributing to ideas and topics in their own unique way.

One of the biggest hindrances towards a diverse and inclusive community strategy is "assumption". Community leaders often make assumptions that simply having a few people of color, people who are nonbinary, or people who represent different cultures and experiences is enough to make their community 'diverse'. But simply checking a box with a few 'diverse' backgrounds is not true diversity.

True diversity is when individuals are provided a channel and means to express themselves and actively contribute to ideas, conversations, and even programs in a safe zone.​​ It's only through expressing, and being exposed to the expressions of others that are different from our own, that true diversity is achieved. And that expression happens more readily when individuals feel both invited and safe to do so. Communities thrive on ideas and exchange, so this is a key reason why fostering true diversity is important.

[Source: Jephta Abu, commonroom.io]


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