We can build a business by being fan-first. If we can attract a meaningful and engaged group of fans to our content, we can then find ways to monetize and build a business platform. It works. But what is the difference between an “audience” and a “community.” It is especially relevant to understand the difference with the current hype around “creator communities.” A community requires three conditions:

  • Communion – The people in the community can’t just care about you. A real community cares about each other too, like neighbors. A community can’t thrive when it’s only focused on one person.

  • Purpose – The community must have a reason to connect regularly. The community is trying to make the world better in some small way.

  • Relevance – This is obvious but essential. The group has to be relevant to the issues of today and the needs of the community. A community has to constantly reinvent to remain relevant.

Building a true community isn’t a marketing strategy. It’s a way of life up and down an organization. The content business serves the community, not the other way around, and that requires an enlightened mindset and approach.

[Source: The Tilt]


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