NL #17

Hi Folks,

I failed. Shifting priorities is no failure but if it happens too many times, it is a failure in seeing things ahead. I thought the time had come to make video clips to start up the awareness campaign to recruit participants for the Co-Creator Club. I still think that but what do I offer them when they come? I know what they should give to the project ut what do we need to give them? One thing is sure; we need to give them clear and accessible information so that they can do their part.

As I worked on the DAO document, I noticed that the blog format on is not helpful. Very quickly it became this long, unworkable document. And this is a classic situation in setting up a venture. You have the right solution but you fail to present it in the right format. To get back effective feedback, Co-Creators need a format that they can handle. So finding the right format became a higher priority than video clips. I started to pay more attention to and found some interesting apps.

I was already working with for presentations. I built a quiz in I found a great AI-Powered tool which makes summaries of webpages. I am beginning to use as a clipping tool on a digital whiteboard and as a tool for ideation and feedback.

The breakthrough perhaps is an app (The doc that brings it all together) and it looks promising because you can collapse questions. Instead of a 25-page you now have a 2-page document. That is progress.

We eradicate gen-poverty in the future but for now, we are busy with collapsible questions. It is all part of the beast. It is life without resources. You need to do it but it will not lead to success. So the strategy is to get resources (aka money) to get a small sales & marketing team up and running. But to get the team, you need to offer them an accessible format with relevant information so that they can do their job. So in week 13, I failed in one area and I made progress in another. Hey, that’s life.