WHAT DOES A DAO STAND FOR? Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are digitally native communities that center around a shared mission. DAOs are:

  • Decentralized, because they’re community-owned, grassroots-driven, and loosely organized (in contrast to a hierarchical, tightly-structured centralized org like a bureaucratic agency or company).

  • Autonomous, because their shared rules and shared treasuries are encoded and automatically enforced on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Organizations, because they’re groups of people that associate and coordinate around specific purposes.

OUR TAKE: –DECENTRALIZED. We are a community of builders, preferably grass-roots-driven. We do reject the idea of a loosely organized bunch for the simple reason that as operators we serve our main partners who need to rely on us 100%. –AUTONOMOUS [shared treasury]. There is no shared treasury. The bank accounts are under the direct responsibility of the CFO. Each division will operate on an annual budget but with a centralized yet fully transparent administration. Financial decisions (like other decisions) are made by the division leaders based on the general decision-making structure that gives substantial powers to the collective. –AUTONOMOUS [shared rules]. I have no idea how this works but I doubt that the complexity of the platform can be coded in a way that Ethereum can enforce it. –ORGANIZATION. We definitely organize people around a specific purpose but the nature of our business is perhaps different than most DAOs because Empowering People-As-A-Service (EPAAS) shifts a heavy responsibility to us. We need to deliver what we promise. and the only way to do so is by achieving operational excellence which relies totally on high-quality coordination and execution on our part - the operators. You can’t empower with mediocre services.