Slow-cooking Progress

I have been slow-cooking the concept of Peoples' Impact which now can be considered the closest thing to a solution in the global fight against generational poverty (gen-poverty). The approach is described in detail in the upcoming book Peoples' Impact, The Final Revolution. The whole concept is based on fairly mainstream ideas but the innovating touch is the way we have aligned all the components in a multi-sided marketplace platform that the world has not seen before. The ambitious goal of the multi-million dollar social enterprise-to-be is to eradicate global gen-poverty in several decades.

Currently, we are as much on the outside as outsiders can be outside of the power network of the poverty industry. Still, we aim to become the dominant force, disrupting the traditional poverty establishment. All and all, the coming years will be one of the greatest adventure as we build the co-founders team, raise the millions and build the platform for the first reconnaissance missions. The initial activities will subject the theoretical foundations of Peoples' Impact to the harsh realities of the barrio. But as we continuously adapt our flexible framework through real-life experiences, we keep on inching closer to becoming the final solution to eradicate the biggest injustice in the world - gen-poverty.